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All Breakdance classes are currently held on Saturday mornings at the Commie Pool in Edinburgh.

The Best Breakdance School In Edinburgh

Why Join The Breakdance Academy?

The Breakdance Academy Edinburgh was built for local students who want to excel at breaking. At the academy we have a unique approach to teaching that helps students excel quickly.

Our missions is to make learning breakdancing a fun, fast and easy to learn so that students grow in confidence and excel as individuals.


Become The Life Of The Party

There is no better feeling than being at a party, the music's going, everyone's dressed up in their freshest clothes & dancing, then a circle opens up. A few people go in and try to win the crowd, then you decide to go in....

The Crowd Goes Crazy!!!

They start cheering you on as you wow the whole room with your new moves.

After your performance everyone wants to know your name and how they can learn what you just did. It will feel as if you became an overnight celebrity with the amount of attention you'll receive.

You can't put a price on that feeling, trust me.

What Students Can Expect

Once accepted into The Breakdance Academy you will immediately start to see results in your ability. The Breakdance Academy classes in Edinburgh are structured so that students work as a team to grow together.

Similar to the martial arts belt criteria The Breakdance Academy uses a band or sweat band colour system to determine a student’s level and progress.

This gives students crystal clear focus on what moves they need to practice and how to approach training.

All our students not only receive help from coach Harribo but our philosophy is to give back so every student helps each other grow.

Benefits from joining the breakdance academy include;

  • Performances

  • Workshops

  • Join a crew/team

  • Breakdance Academy clothing

  • Online training videos

  • Training and goals booklets

  • Progress Reports & Videos

  • Promo Videos

Coach Harribo

Harry or B-boy Harribo started his journey into breakdancing at the early age of 12. With no experience and a shy personality Harry was very reluctant about starting.

Since starting Harry has competed and performed in some of the biggest shows and competitions in the world. This meant that he got to travel the world doing what he loves most.

Now Harry wants to give back by teaching a select group of people that are as energetic and passionate as him into becoming extremely talented Breakdancers or "B-boys & B-girls".

All of the break dance lessons in Edinburgh are filled with his energy, passion and positivity creating the optimal learning experience for all levels to progress quickly.

Harry also started his own YouTube channel at which helps thousands of students improve their Breaking skills.


What People Are Saying


"I love coming to classes and learning new moves, my favorite part is battling at the end."

Lisa Lisa

"I signed up my son James for breakdance lessons after getting tired of him sitting around playing the Ipad and playstation all day. Now everyday after school he comes home and just practices! Any chance he gets he's "busting" his moves"

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